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Party: Cake Toppers

Posted on March 22nd, by Melanie

You know how you come across something random on pinterest and then it just consumes you? Well, this happened yesterday when I was trying to find some ideas for my daughter’s first birthday. I came across this party by HWTM that was just what I would envision for my daughter’s party. Every detail  is perfection, right down to the cake topper.


Thankfully the blog posted all the resources and I was able to find that amazing little cake topper. Well…it was on Etsy of course. But there is no way in hell I am paying $125 for a cake topper for my 1 year old’s birthday cake.

After many (wasteful) hours of Etsy searching I came across these clothespin dolls. They have a similar look and are about a third of the price. The not so good thing is the artist is from the UK. Do I shell the $15 for shipping?… Continue Reading

Candy Kirby Designs

Posted on March 6th, by Melanie

There is nothing cuter than soft leggings on little baby legs; especially the chunky ones! Candy Kirby designs makes some of the cutest patterned leggings I have ever seen.






First off, all of the patterns are her own custom designs! Hurray for originality! The leggings are also made of 100% organic jersey which makes them super soft and comfy for your children. They go from 0-5T and because the colors are so neutral, you could deck our your little girl OR boy in them.

You can shop all of her designs HEREContinue Reading

The very best baby blanket

Posted on February 7th, by Melanie

For all of you moms out there, you know how many blankets you receive as gifts. Some are hand knitted, some may have a minky dot, some might be fleece. It’s really hard to tell not only which blanket your child will make their favorite, but also which will stand the test of time.

My cousin sent Vivi a blanket from an organic company called Robbie Adrian. I had never seen the blankets before, but when I opened it up and felt it, I knew that it would be the perfect snuggle blankie. It is made of a super soft, organic velour and edged with a natural silk charmeuse ruffle.

What I love about it is the size and the weight. It’s not too big, so she can have it in the crib with her. Yet, it’s just big enough to cover her up on cold nights. It washes up amazingly well and the trim seems to be holding up quite nicely after getting chewed on and washed frequently.… Continue Reading

A mom on the go must have!

Posted on November 14th, by Melanie

Since having Julian 4 years ago, one of the best new products I have found are the baby food pouches and portable spoons by Boon (Thanks to my friend Annie!). The old baby food cartons are not only bulky, but messy to open and carry around with you. Now with the pouches you have a top that can screw back on (to avoid spills) and the spoons attach right to the pouch which gives you one less thing to carry!

I found the Plum Organics spoons by Boon at Target for around $3 for 2 spoons. Online they sell a 3 pack set…this is the way to go, since we have found that somehow the tiny spoons get lost or accidentally tossed out. 
Have you used these before? Do you love them too? … Continue Reading

Zoli Pop Obsessed

Posted on November 1st, by Melanie

I cannot remember for the life of me which blogger recommended Zoli Baby Gummy Sticks, but I wish I could because I would love to thank her! These are the BEST teething product that I have ever come across.

They look a bit like a tooth brush, which makes them super easy for your baby to hold. The end of the stick is soft rubber with bumpy edges that can gently massage the gums. And they can really reach the back gums, which most teethers don’t reach. I like that it has a anti-choke guard which prevents over insertion into the mouth. Our little girl loves them, we take them wherever we go…

ZoLi stick in one hand, and chew beads also in tow…

They come in a pack of 2 for $10. And are worth every penny in my opinion! 
And totally un-related to teething…we had a fantastic Halloween  Julian really was awesome this year.… Continue Reading