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Scout Beauty: 4 products to get you through winter

Posted on December 18th, by Melanie

The winter months will do a number on your skin! From the dryness outside, to the dry heat in your house…it makes everything seem so blah. Not to mention the lack of any vitamin D from the sun, and losing that summer glow. Here are a few of my favorite products to keep your skin hydrated, and to give a nice “faux glow” without having to use a tanning bed (does anyone really do that anymore?) or spend a fortune on spray tans.


Beautycounter’s all natural Countertime Cleansing balm is a product that does double duty. You can use it as a cleanser; applied to a dry face and wipe off or you can wear it as a mask at night. It is super hydrating and leaves skin buttery soft.

 I have blogged about this product before, and I felt like I needed to share it again. This Triple Oxygen mask from Bliss is a self-activating mask formulated with multi-action CPR technology, vitamins C & E, and grape seed extract to instantly revitalize, energize and supercharge skin’s natural defenses.… Continue Reading

Beauty Junkie

Posted on November 19th, by Melanie

I go through spurts of purchasing cosmetics. Since moving to the Plaza and having Blue Mercury and Sephora now a few blocks from me I have gotten the urge to spruce up my products!


I am a palette girl. I love that it gives you all the tools you need in one little container, which are great for travel! I have been using Nars for the past few years. I think they do a great job with color combos and I love the pigmentation of their shadows. This is called “Hardwired Narsissist” eye kit. It comes with 6 shadows, a brush and an eyeliner all for $59! You can create a great daytime eye, as well as a good smoky eye with this palette, and the colors are perfect for fall.


 I do bright lips, quite often but I tend to opt for a gloss for daytime. These sparkly glosses are so fun and different than what I have bought in the past.  … Continue Reading

Skin, Hair, Nails: Current Favorites…

Posted on August 7th, by Melanie

I am back with some of my current beauty faves…here are just some of the products we are loving right now…

1. My husband and I recently purchased Commes Des Garcons fragrance at Standard Style here in KC. They both are super light, fresh scents which are great for these hot summer days! I have the Play Green and he has the AmazingGreen.

Play green is light and citrusy with notes of: Mint Nanah, Lime, Juniper Berry, Basil, Jasmine, Mastic Tree, Abelmoschus, Vetiver, and Cedar. Amazingreen is a wonderful light, yet masculine scent with notes of: Palm Tree Leaves, Green Pepper, Dew Mist, Jungle Leaves, Ivy Leaves, Orris Roots, Coriander Seeds, Silex, Gunpowder Accord, Vetiver, Smoke, White Musk.… Continue Reading

Skin.Hair.Nails: The Laser Diaries

Posted on July 21st, by Melanie

My opinion about aging has certainly evolved over the past 5 years. In my twenties I felt invincible, in my 30’s I was having babies and was too busy to care about my skin and I was more concerned about losing the baby weight. Now that 40 is just two short years away I really have tried to focus on my skin and taking care of myself. I shudder to think I actually used tanning beds, and baby oil when I laid out in the sun!!!

I mentioned in the fall that I was going to start laser treatments on my face at Aestheticare Med Spa. Lasers have come a long way in the past few years. Previous lasers couldn’t effectively remove sun damage, because the laser treatment was either too shallow or too deep. Halo eliminates years of damage by precisely targeting the right depth. Halo restores the luminous glow you had when you were younger.… Continue Reading

Skin.Hair.Nails: Neutral Nails

Posted on July 17th, by Melanie

For the past few seasons we have been doing our manis and pedis in shocking colors; almost every color of the rainbow it seems like!

I see the trend in nails moving back to a more neutral palette. Remember the days of Essie Ballet Slipper and Marshmallow? They were my go-to opaque neutral colors…


 And a few faves from my neutral nail polish collection…

left to right: Marshmallow, It’s in the bag, Mademoiselle, Sugar Daddy 


For 2015, I am looking to Smith & Cult for inspiration. They deliver a high quality polish that is 5-free, and it actually holds up!



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If you live in Kansas City you can find the line at Vincent + Greer salon or online HERE. Continue Reading