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Product Love: Beautycounter

Posted on April 6th, by Melanie

 The statistics about the chemicals in our skincare is staggering. Currently there are over 10,000 chemicals commonly found in personal care products, only 10% of these chemicals have safety data.

The European union has spent the past two decades banning or restricting over 1300 ingredients; meanwhile the US has only banned 11 to date.

Some of these chemicals have been linked to breast cancer, learning disabilities, infertility and other health issues.



It is time for change! Thank goodness for companies like Beautycounter who are making safe products for you and your family to use on your skin and hair.

They are 100% transparent in the ingredients they use in each product. They have banned over 1500 ingredients, setting a new health and safety standard-all the while ensuring that their products perform and that they’re as indulgent as any other luxe shampoo or lipstick on the market.

My mom had bought a few products over the holidays from Beautycounter, so I was excited to learn more about the company and to give a few of their products a try.… Continue Reading

Splurge Vs. Save: Beauty Products

Posted on January 28th, by Melanie

Don’t you love sharing beauty tips/products with your friends? I am here to share some of my current faves…the splurges and the bargains! My good friend Tonya in California gave me the first 3 products to try; they were her favorites so I need to give her credit for stumbling across some amazing steals. They will give you a wonderful glow; all for under $10!

Beauty Saves:


Loreal Lumi primer: great on the cheeks to give you a little glow without looking super “highlighted”. Some highlighters look funny in photos, this is very natural

Loreal Perfecting Base: I use this for under-eye, just to smooth out those fine lines and keep it moisturized

Physicians Formula Bronzing Strip: LOVE this 3 in 1 product! It can be used as bronzer, blush and even eyeshadow. I like to throw it on for daytime if I am just running errands or to the gym.… Continue Reading

Eyeko: For Your Eyes Only

Posted on November 6th, by Melanie

You know how much I love trying new beauty products, I am always searching for the latest and greatest!

 Eyeko is a new to me brand that makes products exclusively for the eyes. Established since 1999, their line quickly gained a celebrity and makeup artist following who swear by their mascara and liners. Recently, model Alexa Chung has joined the team at Eyeko as both a creative consultant and face of the brand.


I mean, have you ever seen a more stunning cat-eye?! That is makeup perfection!

photo (2)

I was so excited to see that Kansas City based  Beauty Brands just just addedEyeko to their mix of cosmetic brands! I was desperately in the need for a new brow liner. Mine are sparse and need shape, so I was anxious to try their Shape and Define Brow Liner. It is a liquid pen, so it allows you to feather in your brows and give it a natural shape.… Continue Reading

The Beauty Diaries: Let’s talk about aging…

Posted on September 23rd, by Melanie


I am approaching my 37th Birthday. And it’s kind of freaking me out. While I do feel great, I am starting to see the signs that I am getting older. Grey hairs came out 0f nowhere, there are wrinkles that I didn’t see before, and I have to be so strict about my diet and exercise…something I never really had to worry about in my 20’s and early 30’s. I would like to go back in time and tell my 20 year old self to think about the future! But I was young and stupid…didn’t use SPF, probably partied a little too much, didn’t sleep enough and didn’t take care of my skin like I should have.

Here I am 28…and definitely soaking up sun on our honeymoon in Mustique….and probably not wearing SPF!


So, over the next few years I have a goal to really do all that I can to look and feel my best.… Continue Reading

Mascara Love: 3D Lashes

Posted on August 5th, by Melanie

Mascara is always a tough purchase for me. I hate to spend a lot on it because I am never sure how long it will last or how much of a difference it will make on  my eyes. I kept seeing stuff about 3D lashes in my Facebook feed and I was so curious! I have light colored lashes and they aren’t very full, so at this point I would be willing to try just about anything!

photo 2 (15)

A few of my friends swear by Younique’s 3D Lashes; so I decided I would give it a shot. First off, I was impressed by the pretty packaging and ease of use. The quilted case  comes with 1 tube of transplanting gel and 1 tube of natural tea tree fibers.

photo 1 (17)

You first layer the gel, then the fibers and then one more layer of the gel to keep the fibers in place. For a more dramatic look you can start with a layer of your own mascara.… Continue Reading