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Summer Essentials

Posted on July 23rd, by Melanie

Summer clothes may be on sale, but that doesn’t mean that summer is over! We still have a good month; even two of this steamy weather! Here are just a few things that have been getting me through the summer months.

A friend recently introduced me to this and it is my new favorite beauty product. I am a girl with bad spider veins and (sad but true) cellulite. While this won’t get rid of these things, it will certainly conceal them to a certain extent. It is easy to apply (spray and then rub in really good) and it gives a nice color that will last a few days even after the shower. It is waterproof too, which makes it great to spray on before you go to the pool! Get the Deep Glow; it is the best of all the colors, even for fair skin. It is $14 at target, but I found it online for $10 HERE. Continue Reading

Top 5 Drugstore Beauty Buys (all under $10!)

Posted on June 4th, by Melanie
Top Drugstore Beauty Picks
I am pretty much obsessed with beauty products. And you know me, I LOVE a bargain. But I typically don’t gravitate towards drugstore products because I hate that you can’t try them on first! Usually you end up with a bad color or just a bad product. Well, these products I am sharing are tried and true, and really hard to beat. And you have to love that they are all under $10!
1. Smoothies Bobby Pins. Nothing compares, especially if you have fine hair. These are great to hold back braids or twists in your hair, or to pin back bangs. I also love that they don’t leave a mark in your hair like most bobbi pins do.
2. Anything by Duri. Their Miracote is a product I recently came across at Bed Bath  & Beyond. You paint your nails, immediately add the miracote and your nails will be dried and perfectly shiny in minutes.… Continue Reading

The Scent of Summer

Posted on May 10th, by Melanie

Summer…bring it on! I don’t care if we go straight to 80 degrees. I am so ready for it! When warmer temps arrive it’s time to switch up my beauty routine. For Summer I always love a lighter fragrance. I tend to gravitate to lighter scents anyways, so most of my favorites I only can wear this time of year. Here are 4 that I wear and love

Bond No.9 Hamptons is a delicious scent suitable for a man or a woman. According to Bond, Hamptons is “A male-female weekend scent, combining lush florals with a woody musk that lingers like a creamy ocean mist” . It has notes of Lime blossom, bergamot, white jasmine, magnolia, amber, sandalwood. It’s light, beachy and it completely embodies the feeling of summer.

Available HERE


Bellini by Calypso immediately transports me to a glamorous beach vacation. It has top notes of apple, pineapple, grapefruit, orange
heart notes of white peach, coconut, frangipani, cassis, freesia, jasmine, orange flower
and base notes of white musk, amber, sandalwood.… Continue Reading

Nails for Summer

Posted on May 9th, by Melanie

I am totally riding the fun nail polish train as long as possible. It’s so refreshing to be able to use colors other than pink, red or coral! Essie’s resort collection is amazing! 4 bright fun shades perfect for toes or fingers.


 Think of all the beautiful places you have taken a vacation. Remember the color of the water? That is what “in the cab-ana” reminds me of. The most perfect shade of tropical blue. love it.

You can find the entire collection for sale HERE. 

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SHOP: Love & Toast

Posted on March 12th, by Melanie

We have a gorgeous new grocery store here in Kansas City (for you locals, it’s the HyVee at 95th and Antioch). It’s enormous with all your typical grocery store product, but then it also has a HUGE organic and health food section. It’s amazing! Finally, you can get all of your shopping done in one place as opposed to making two trips.

The beauty section sucked me right in. Ahhhh, it’s so hard to pass up inexpensive beauty buys! The first thing that caught my eye was this all-natural beauty line called Love & Toast.  Margot Elena, the name behind the brand is also the woman who started Lollia, a very popular fragrance line (found at Anthropologie).

The packaging is impeccable. So colorful and pretty; it is hard not to notice.


My daughter was crying, my son was raiding the candy in the aisle, so I pretty much got dragged out of there without buying anything.… Continue Reading