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2017 GOALS

Posted on January 3rd, by Melanie

New Year; fresh start…new goals. I shared a little bit on Instagram, but last year was one of extreme highs and lows.

I went through some crazy health issues in 2016. Nothing catastrophic, or terribly serious but enough to make me feel kind of crappy all year long. I was feeling depressed, I dealt with chronic neck pain, dizziness and bad headaches. In October, I had a bout of ileocecal colitis, which was extremely painful, and it has forced me to have to completely change my diet.


When we moved out of our apartment in November, the neck pain, dizziness and headaches went away. Around this same time, I had completely changed my diet based on what happened with my ileocecal valve. My friend does a lot of research on homeopathic medicine and natural ways of healing your body. When she sent me this article, I was blown away. I was experiencing so many of these symptoms.… Continue Reading

Scout Fit: Lululemon Studio to Street Style

Posted on December 12th, by Melanie

Workout clothing is not just for working out these days. We need our activewear to be functional and multi purpose. I know you call can relate to working out and then rushing to either an appointment, grocery store or to your kids school. We have to figure out ways to make these pieces of clothing work double duty!

photos taken by Ruthie Stark on location at Health House and T.Loft

A priority for me when buying activewear is good pants; and nobody does it better than Lululemon. They recently came out with a fabric called Nulux; it is a quick drying sweat wicking fabric that is SO lightweight you feel like you are barely wearing anything. These are GREAT for cardio. The dazzle print nulux pant is amazing, it gives you the look of a light colored pant but with a flattering pattern and cut. I am loving the high waist too…





I paired it back to the Free to be Zen Bra which is a light support bra with a fun pattern and criss cross back detail.… Continue Reading

Scout Fit: Lululemon Summer

Posted on July 8th, by Melanie

It is not easy to find good fitting workout shorts. I find they are either too short or too tight. So, when my husband surprised me with a few new pieces, including the Speed Short H20 and their new tank, the Fast Lane Singlet  I was excited to give them a try.

This short is hands down the best fitting workout short I have tried. I like the length, how lightweight they are, and the fact that they are lined! Nobody wants to see your lady parts when you are working out! They fit true to size, I took my typical Lululemon pant size.






The Fast Lane Singlet is very lightweight and unlined, which I like. It’s a looser fit, which is great for hot days! I hate when I am sweating and my clothes stick to my body. I like the mesh on the side and the slim racerback, which I think is very flattering.… Continue Reading

Scout Fit: The Summer Slump

Posted on June 10th, by Melanie

Happy Friday everyone!


I finished my 30 day challenge at the end of May. I never ended up weighing myself; so I am not sure if I lost anything, but my clothes definitely feel better on. I had to get new swimsuits because the old ones were sagging in the bottom, and my jeans felt looser at the waist. This pic was taken for our Health House photo shoot at the end of my cleanse…I am happy with where I am at this point in my life. I feel healthy, and strong which is way more important than just being “skinny”.



photo cred: summerhouse films 

The hardest part of the challenge (for the first few weeks) was cutting alcohol Monday-Thursday. But now that I have done it for over a month I am really trying to stick to it. Alcohol doesn’t sit all that well with me; I am a lightweight who can only have about 3 drinks.… Continue Reading

Scout Fit: Fitness Fashion faves

Posted on May 27th, by Melanie

The past few seasons I have been buying really bold, patterned workout wear. But what I have found is that I get so tired of looking at them! It’s kind of like buying bold printed clothing; you wear it a few times and then you are sick of it. I am going to try to make an effort to buy simple pieces, in more neutrals (with a pop of color or pattern here and there) So that I don’t tire of them so quickly.

I recently got this outfit from Athleta and I LOVE it. Their striped chaturanga capri is a great fit. I think that they run big though, so size down. My favorite top from Athleta is the “trophy” tank . I got it in Navy, but I may need it in white too!


I have been stalking some of my favorite fitness apparel sites, and here are some of my favorite pieces right now:

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