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Fitness Friday: Something new…

Posted on May 6th, by Melanie

When it comes to fitness; I am not super adventurous. I find something I like and I stick with it. I need a workout that keeps my interest, challenges me and that gives me results. I have very little free time each week to fit in my workouts, which probably is another factor into why I am so picky. If I am only going to fit in 4-5 days a week for 45 minutes, I better be getting my ass kicked.

I have mentioned this before, but I don’t think I have worked out as hard in my entire life as I have the past few years at Health House. I did the Bar Method for a few years, which I loved, but I was missing the cardio aspect. When I started rowing it shocked my body and I could feel myself getting stronger and stronger with each class.  We recently added dumbbells to our studio, which has been awesome.… Continue Reading

Scout Fit: Spring Training Style

Posted on April 1st, by Melanie

I’m just going to come out and say it; I don’t love wearing shorts. I am not terribly fond of my legs, but when it gets SO hot out you eventually need to wear something other than capris or leggings. I found these Nike shorts at Dick’s Sporting Goods while shopping for my kids. They are super lightweight AND reversible. They are mesh on one side and then solid grey cotton on the other.


When we were on vacation last week, I decided to give them a test run while playing tennis with my husband and son. It was straight sun and 85 degrees…very HOT. They were perfect. They didn’t cling, or ride up, and they were super comfortable. For $35 (and reversible) this is going to be my go-to workout short for summer. It comes in a handful of other color combos as well





SHOP MY LOOK HERE: shirt: Nike prep scoopneck workout tee , Shorts: Nike gym reversible short , Shoes: Nike Air Max Thea 

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Scout Fit: Finding Balance

Posted on February 19th, by Melanie


Once you have kids, your life gets turned upside down. I never knew how hard being a parent would be. It is a job that doesn’t stop, from sun up to sun down. While I love my kids to pieces, it can be draining…mentally and physically. When my son came along, and I was home all day with him I knew I needed to figure out something to do for just “me”. After moving to KC from Chicago I had fallen out of my workout routine. There wasn’t as much time and I had not found a “gym” that really inspired me or motivated me.

I am thankful that I met Hoddy; the owner of the Bar Method who got me back into working out. I forgot how important it was to me, and how it made me feel. It wasn’t just about being “skinny” or “fit” it was a mental thing.… Continue Reading

Scout Fit: Made in KC

Posted on October 19th, by Melanie

I moved to Kansas City almost 8 years ago…it’s amazing how much this town has grown and evolved since we moved here. It is a city with so much growth, opportunity and energy! We aren’t a huge city, but we are a great city that people are starting to notice. The Zoe Report even did an article last week with the Fashion girls guide to KC! To see the article, click HERE. 

photos by Noelani Meirowsky


 I love how Kanas City embraces local companies, brands and designers. We have been shopping at Standard Style and Baldwin for years. They have put K.C. fashion on the map, and have been recently nominated for the CFDA/Vogue fashion fund. Their tees are some of my favorites; if you want to represent KC in style this is the place to go!!


My friend Hannah is another local designer. She makes wonderful leather goods like baby mocs, tassel keychains and bags.… Continue Reading

Product Love: JoBea Kids Yoga Wear

Posted on September 22nd, by Melanie

Fitness is just as much a part of our children’s life as it is ours. Teaching them healthy habits early can only help them as they grow older! My little ones have been doing “kids yoga” for the past two years, and they absolutely love it. We host classes at Health House and many of the parents tell us how much the children love the class and the instructor Mimi Z. It’s amazing how she can tame a group of ten 4 year olds and have them all totally silent at the end, lying on their backs with a lavender pillow on their eyes, in complete relaxation!


We absolutely LOVE Mimi Z’s classes. So, we were so completely thrilled when we found out she was launching her own line of kids Yoga gear! Let me introduce JoBea Kids!

2015 [Nicki Griffith Photography]

2015 [Nicki Griffith Photography]

2015 [Nicki Griffith Photography]

2015 [Nicki Griffith Photography]

images via Nikki Griffith Photography 

We absolutely love our JoBea pants…Vivi wants to wear them constantly!… Continue Reading