Mid-Day Munchies

Posted on April 6th, by Melanie

I think most of us hit a lull around 2-3PM. It is the time between lunch and dinner where you get a little hungry and a little tired. I find myself always needing a pick me up around this time. I used to make not so great choices around this time of day. Before I cleaned up my diet, it would be a latte and a scone or muffin of some sort. The sugar and carbs and caffeine was a recipe for disaster. Instead of picking me up, I felt even more tired! Caffeine mid-day is not the answer! And if you are the one picking up at Diet Coke at this time, I beg you to stop. You can read more about the effects of this drink HERE. I am not super anti anything, but everything I read about Diet Soda is awful and it’s an easy thing to cut out of your diet!… Continue Reading

On repeat.

Posted on April 4th, by Melanie

In a post a few weeks back I talked about a capsule wardrobe. These are some of the “basics” that I can’t stop wearing. They are mixing and matching with everything in my closet.

photos by Ruthie Stark, taken at Hotel Sorella KC 

This blazer from Evereve is one of my favorites because it can be dressed up or down. The hoodie is actually just a “dickie” of sorts that zips easily out of the jacket. So you can wear it more casual or dressed up without the hood. It looks identical to a much much more expensive brand that you may have seen. This one is only $148, you can shop it HERE. I am wearing an XS for reference.

What I am wearing under the blazer is actually a tee shirt, layered with one of the Evereve spider criss cross tanks. It is a fun way to add detail to a basic tee.… Continue Reading

My Skincare Routine

Posted on March 30th, by Melanie

As a referral from a friend, I recently downloaded the “Think Dirty” app; which tells you on a 1-10 scale how bad products are for you based on Carcinogenicity, Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity and Allergies & Immunotoxicities. You won’t believe the products that are so bad for you! Almost all Neutrogena products, Cetaphil, and Bath and Body Works shower gels and lotions just to name a few.

In the past few years I have slowly been converting my skincare to all natural products. Not everything I use is natural, but I am trying to make a concerted effort to be more careful about what I put on my skin. I feel like overall my skin is happier and looks better when I don’t have a ton of synthetic stuff in my products.With that being said; who knows how my skin will look in 20 years without the chemicals but I guess that is the chance I will take!… Continue Reading

Blush Ruffles

Posted on March 28th, by Melanie

I can’t stop wearing this color. Blush is my favorite new neutral. I don’t even think of it as a “fashion color” because it just goes with everything.

This top from Anaphora is just the right amount of ruffles. It is so soft, feminine and easy to wear. Dress it down with jeans, dress it up with black, and wear it into summer with white denim. I paired it with black, dressy joggers also from Anaphora.

photos by Ruthie Stark  taken at Hotel Sorella Kansas City


Top: Anaphora call 913-291-0375 to order (I am wearing small for reference) Pants: Anaphora but currently sold out, Bag: Miu Miu, Shoes: similar HERE. Continue Reading

Scout Fit: Recipes

Posted on March 27th, by Melanie

Ok, so I have been seriously slacking in the kitchen. I lost my mojo, and I need to get inspired again. BUT, I did make a few recipes recently that I loved.

My friend recommended the Pioneer Woman’s chili recipe and it is TO DIE FOR. Probably the best chili recipe I have made, ever. You can find it HERE. 

recipe note * I did not use the “Masa Harina” she asks for in the recipe. But, my friend told me to add a TBSP of brown sugar and dijon mustard to the meat while browning. It was incredibly delicious, and my family at the whole pot in one night!

I found myself buying energy bites and protein balls all over town and spending way too much money on them. When I saw Wellness for the Win’s n0 bake energy bite recipe, I knew I had to try them! We have been through a batch a week, and the whole family eats them.… Continue Reading

Build Your Capsule Wardrobe

Posted on March 23rd, by Melanie

When styling clients, I often talk about building a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe should be at least 60-70% basics, and then 30-40% trend. What happens when you build up your closet this way, is that you are able to mix and match better, you have invested in basics that can be worn year after year, and you really make the most of what is in your closet. I find so many people buy things that they wear once! This is a terrible way to shop, it is like throwing money away.

Once you build up your capsule wardrobe you will actually save money, and be able to invest in the clothing and accessories you really love!

Everyone’s capsule wardrobe will be different, depending on your lifestyle. I am going to share with you my ideal “mom” wardrobe. These are items that fit into my lifestyle, and probably many of yours.… Continue Reading

Aging Gracefully (kind of)

Posted on March 22nd, by Melanie

Just in this past year I feel like I am starting to notice the signs of aging. I swear my grey hairs have tripled over the past year! And the fine lines are popping out everywhere. I want to age “gracefully”, with a little help along the way 🙂

photo by Ruthie Stark 

I have been taking some steps this year to try to make my skin look and feel its best! I have talked a lot about facials. I think no matter what age you are, facials are a great rejuvenator for the skin. If you have it in your budget to do it, I highly recommend it.

I have two treatments that have been game changers for me. Today I am talking about Botox. I just started doing this at Bare Med Spa in the last few months, and I have to say I really do love it. I was noticing the deepest lines in between my eyebrows.… Continue Reading


Posted on March 21st, by Melanie

We made it through another winter, Spring is officially here! I am beyond excited to start wearing all the pretty spring trends we are seeing.

Outside of all the pink, blush tones, greens and neutrals, Yellow is another hot color for Spring. I have seen many shades of yellow, but this goldenrod shade is my favorite.

This dress from Halls would be perfect for a Spring Vacation, and could be worn all summer long. It is only $88, and would pack so easily in a suitcase 🙂 You could really dress it up or down. While it is still chilly, layer it with a leather and booties if you wanted to or make it look more “spring” with bright colored accessories and strappy sandals. I love the flattering line and movement of this dress, and it is strapless bra friendly!

Photos by Ruthie Stark  taken at  Hotel Sorella  Kansas City 

The entire outfit (dress, bag and necklace) is under $330!!!… Continue Reading