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Are your cocktails killing your fitness?

Posted on April 25th, by Melanie

One of the biggest things that can kill your diet and fitness plan are your alcoholic beverages. You may work your ass off during your workouts, but if you are coming home and having a couple of beers a night you just ruined everything you did at the gym that day! A lot of our favorite drinks are packed with sugar, carbs and empty calories.

Here are my cliff’s notes for fitness friendly drinks…

Wine is not that bad for you…in moderation. If you check the ABV (Alcohol by Volume Percentage) you can gauge the calories you will be getting. lower ABV means lower calories. If the ABV is 9-12, a 6 oz pour will be around 110-140 calories. The lower ABV’s in white are in the dryer wines like pinot grigio. Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay’s are higher in alcohol, which in turn has a higher calorie count.

In general, most white wines are lower in Alcohol and calories than Reds.… Continue Reading

Sugar Detox

Posted on April 20th, by Melanie

So you may have seen on my insta stories me discussing giving up sugar for lent. By sugar I mean, desserts and sweets; they are by far my biggest weak spot. Going 40 days without any desserts was probably one of the hardest things I have done (when it comes to giving up something).  Maybe even harder than alcohol!

I just keep reading how bad Sugar is. You can read some of the effects HERE. It is so addictive they compare it to cocaine! I mean, how disturbing is this picture?! Funny, not funny…but so true! Sometimes I feel like when I start eating sugary foods I don’t want to stop.

I wanted to give up sugar for 2 things: 1. to test my willpower and 2. to see if there were any changes in my body. Here is what happened.

I was super cranky the first few weeks, it was almost like I was having withdrawals.… Continue Reading